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During my time as a broadcaster and charity fundraiser, some of my activities have hit the news stands. Here are some articles written about me and my family.

Director of Communications

As well as a career in journalism, I am an ordained minister and worked as Director of Communications for the Diocese of Ely.

Outstanding men and women of East Anglia

I wrote a biographical collection of 20 articles. They featured the good and the great scholars and thinkers, social reformers and other people in history whose lives have transformed society.

Their common bond is their link with East Anglia and they featured in the Ely Ensign magazine and on the diocesan website.

Ely Ensign

Further articles that featured in the Ely Ensign can be found here.

I wrote many other articles for the Ely Ensign, which my co-editor, Lisa Chapman, has also been compiling on her website.

Autism and EAST

With two sons on the autistic spectrum, I have dedicated much of my life to the support of people with autism and building a home for young adults with autism in Cambridgeshire.


EAST Newsletters

EAST newspaper articles

Juniper House

Professional articles

If you are a practising journalist, media studies student or just wanting to get your story into the public domain, you will find my professional website of interest.

With fifty years as a journalist, volunteer and priest, I published a variety of feature articles. You will find the more recent journalistic articles on my Articles page.

My professional site contains a wide range of interesting articles, such as Citizen journalists and Fake News.  I’ve recently updated a comprehensive article on News Values – first compiled in 1999 – which discusses how journalists decide which news stories to publish or broadcast.

Broadcast news

You can also find some examples of my television reporting on my Journalism examples page.

  • The queen in Ely in 1987 for Maundy Thursday celebration
  • The football club that is trying to move. A television broadcast on Luton Town football club
  • You may also be interested in my two-part interview with the late actor and comedian, Kenneth Williams, a very private person who rarely talked about himself.

Media tips

My website also contains a range of useful Media Tips for those wanting to promote their business, share their vision or tell a story. You may also be interested in my articles on:


As a journalist, language is a vital tool. If you have something to say, it’s important not to confuse or alienate.


I am a keen amateur photographer and was often called upon to take media shots for diocesan events and press releases. So, I put together some useful tips for taking photographs.

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