With fifty years as a journalist, volunteer and priest, I have had the privilege of publishing a range of articles. During my time as a broadcaster and charity fundraiser, some of my activities have been newsworthy.  So, I also include articles that other people have written about me.


History of East Anglia




You will also find an article on News Values and What is newsworthy.

Newspaper articles


EAST newspaper articles

Ely Ensign

Ely Diocese


If you are a practising journalist, media studies student or just wanting to get your story into the public domain, you will find my professional website of interest.

It contains a wide range of useful articles, including an essay on Fake News which I’m currently expanding to include the threat it poses to free debate.  I’ve recently updated a comprehensive article on News Values – first compiled in 1999 – which discusses how journalists decide which news stories to publish.  or broadcast media.  My website also contains a range of useful media tips for those wanting to work in the changing world of news journalism.